we’re handing over the EXACT framework we use with our 1:1 clients to get them $70K + in retreat profits & teaching you how to implement the same process for your retreats 💸 🚀

Regardless of the place that you're at, this course is for you. The lessons and modules are broken out in a way that you can easily jump into the area where you're currently needing the most support so you can get a quick win & clear your mind before jumping into the rest of the juicy content 👌

The intentional detail & DFY content curated by an experience event planner inside this container is unlike anything else on the market - trust us, we’ve looked. One thing you’ll know to be true the second you join the course - we care about the success of your retreat, a lot 🚀

We believe that everyone should have the resources & support to bring their dream retreat to life - AND make a profit

bring your retreat dreams to life, while making a profit & getting dedicated 1:1 support

FULL CLARITY: through our signature process, within the first 30 days you’ll have 100% clarity on what it looks like to add a retreat to your business, how attainable it is and exactly who you’re inviting 😏

FINANCIAL OUTCOMES + EXPECTATIONS: we walk you through exactly how to build a profitable retreat that feels aligned for you and your audience, the keys to managing a budget & how to pivot in the holy shit moments to make sure you still hit those profit goals

FLAWLESS ATTENDEE EXPERIENCE: we hand over every script, email, template, process, and hack you need to ensure that your attendee experience is a 10/10 from the SECOND they purchase. No gatekeeping around here, you’re attendees are going to be obsessed with you

What if I told you there was a proven step by step process you could follow that would take you from retreat dream idea to profitable execution, without burning out & have you ACTUALLY enjoy the process of planning your most dreamy retreat. 

This isn’t just another course that you sign up for and become a number on a sales tracker, we’re in the weeds with you working through every single detail of your retreat to ENSURE it fulfills all your wildest travel dreams, while not burning you out or costing you a dime...we promise we gotchu 👋


we take you from a loose retreat idea > determining how to profitably add a retreat to your business

we hand over our retreat marketing calendar and tips & tricks for how to market - and sell out - your retreat

we help you navigate venue contracts, payment dates & how to ensure you have the appropriate funds available

our trainings are created specifically for this reason - to keep it simple, digestible & easy to add to your biz

check out what’s inside the membership

every template you need to bring your retreat to life


a massive done for you template vault packed full of DFY retreat magic

profit formula's & budget documents


let‘s get this retreat making you a profit, cool?

fool proof check lists to keep you on track

accountability every step of the way

support & GUIDANCE to make sure you are protected


we talk through the legalities of a retreat & ensure you‘re protected!

DFY workflows so your attendees fall in love with you


we hand over the exact workflows that guarantee attendees will be obsessed

travel guidance


through our travel agency, get direct access to a team of travel advisors

event supplier & venue sourcing support + connections


we teach you exactly how to curate the perfect supplier partnership



from the SECOND you join, the experience is fully tailored to your retreat

how to




Simply upload your custom information into our DFY templates & start selling ASAP

Refer to our checklists every step of the way to ensure no detail is missed

Steal our Trello retreat management system to stay on track

Follow our proven process and copy + paste our scripts to land your dream retreat partners

Plug your dream profit goal into our DFY template to get a clear understanding on your numbers

Use our attendee experience workflow to turn your attendees into raving fans


By the end of this phase you’ll have a step by step blueprint on how to make your dream retreat come to life without overwhelm ✅

Create a step by step retreat blueprint that sets you up for retreat planning success


Get crystal clear on your attendee journey & turn your community into raving fans


We map out the entire vision for your retreat, help you understand how this retreat (& all the future ones to come😏) will integrate into your business and create impact


PLUS we help you understand every single next step you need to take to make this dream retreat a reality


Understand your budget & profit goals + have a road map to make that a reality while staying on budget AND maintaining sustainable revenue 💰

I am giving you the exact process and formula to understand your retreat profit numbers


Let’s get you feeling confident about your finances before we move on to the fun stuff 🎉


We walk you through the profit formula, hand over budget templates, map out retreat expenses so that you understand exactly how many tickets you need to sell & at what price to create a WOW factor retreat, all while making a profit 


We break down exactly what you need to do to sell out your tickets to the most dreamy ideal client 🤤

Build out a marketing plan so sexy even Gary Vee is impressed


We’ll reverse engineer exactly what you need to do to sell out your tickets to the most dreamy ideal client 🤤


With our templates & process, and your creative genius, you will seamlessly integrate your retreat launch into your yearly business plan to hit those sales targets AND do it with ease


We pick your various VIP event suppliers & dreamy venue that will help bring your dream into a (super successful) reality 🔥

Time to curate your dream list of suppliers you'll be working with to WOW your attendees 


We will share our tips, tricks & templates to ensure you find the RIGHT venue and partner to link arms with to execute your retreat and truly making your attendees feel like the VIP’s that they are🤩


Now that you have your dream list of peeps you wanna work with, you know exactly what to say to them and have slotted them into your budget, you’re ready to move onto making some serious sh*t happen


The games officially begin! It’s time to put all your pre-planning work into action and execute on all logistics and deliverables 📝

Let the games officially begin! It’s time to put all your pre-planning work into action


Steal every single one of our perfectly curated templates to make the retreat planning process easy as pie 🥧


Landing gear is officially lowered & it’s time to bring this plane to a landing - you have all the skills (+ perfectly filled out templates) you need to now call yourself an event planner


Arrive on site ready to show up as the boss that you are with an exact on site plan and checklist to execute your dreamy retreat with ease 💅

Arrive on site ready to show up as the boss that you are 


It’s time to WOW your attendees and enjoy all the hard work you’ve put into place


We will share all our templates to make sure you’re 100% set up for success - we’re talking show flows, supplier scripts, attendee communication, on site daily checklists - it’s all yours baby! 


Steal our post event process to ensure that your attendees are eager to re-purchase tickets to the next one & turn into raving fans 🏆

You have now arrived at your final destination - time to wrap up, rinse, celebrate 🎉, & repeat 


Steal our post-event process to make sure your attendees still feel the love post event (when it’s the most important 😉)


Together we will ensure that your attendees are eager to re-purchase tickets to the next one & come home raving to their friends about this new must attendee retreat 



I am so pumped that you wanna learn all the secrets and tricks to hosting your dream retreat and have chosen us to be your co-pilot on this journey but before we jump in let’s get to know each other a lil bit, cool?!

The truth is - being an event planner is kindaaaa all I’ve ever known. I fell in love with this industry when I was 18 and knew this was the place for me. 

I worked my way up the corporate ladder quickly before I realized that I had this burning desire to bring all of the skills I learned as an event planner to the online world of entrepreneurship & business coaching. 

I had COUNTLESS conversations with biz owners & entrepreneurs and every single one of them went the same way…

💭 I want to host a retreat, but I have no idea how
💭 My dream Bali retreat has been on my Pinterest board FOREVER, but how do you make 💸
💭 The check list and process of things I need to do is too overwhelming so I’d rather not 🙄

Then it hit me - Y’all had a problem, and I had the super simple solution so why not do what all entrepreneurs do & solve it! 😏

It then became my mission to take everything inside my event focused (& obsessed) brain & teach it to YOU! Enter….Your Retreat Co-Pilot.

A process I’ve been perfecting for the better part of 15 years that will take you from retreat idea, to fully executed IG worthy event that not only leaves your attendees obsessed with you, but pulls in a profit with ease.

Are you ready to

join now

bring your dream

retreat to life?


Anyone who has a retreat on their vision board. Whether you’re looking to host one in the next 6 months, or the next 2 years, this course is for you! We recommend giving yourself more time than you think you need to build out, market, plan & execute your dream retreat so even if a retreat is in your far future, this course will be great to help you get clear on exactly what your retreat planning journey will look like


Short answer - YES! Depending where you live in the world, hosting a retreat can be illegal. We will walk you through what that looks like and ensure that you’re protected when launching your retreat


We’re not here to force anyone to do anything, if you feel confident in running your own event then you do you! However, we know that the same attention to detail that goes into an event of 100+ people should go into your smaller, more intimate retreat. We teach you how to have WOW factor experiences and truly set yourself apart from the rest of the retreat hosts, whether your event has 15 people, or 1500 😇


Nope! We’ve created it in a way that will help you break down the step by step to do’s in a really seamless way and won’t overwhelm you at all. Think small tidbits of information at a time with corresponding workbooks & training videos. Stuck on one section, watch it multiple times before moving on, OR we’re here to help! 

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